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1. B.A with communication skills and through Activities .
2. B.A with psychology .
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About Read College

Read College has a reputation for being welcoming and caring institution. We place the well-being and success of our students at the centre of everything we do. We make a point of ensuring that the lessons and activities engage our learners to the full. We aim to provide quality teaching in a friendly, safe environment

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Students Views

Muhammad Ali


To have confidence and the ability to use language as a vehicle of communication is necessary to survive in professional arena.  Read College not only improved my English but also communication skills.  It is the right place to improve personality.

Maryam Majeed

Old Student

The specialty of Read College is that it gives you confidence and professional capabilities.  Teachers are highly qualified and guide in a right way.

Ayesha Mairaj

PU Gold Medalist 2014

My time at Read College with English language course has been wonderful.  I have learnt so much in a short time in terms of communication skills.  The environment is very conductive for learning and teachers are very helpful and encouraging.  The thing that i realized here choosing right subjects at good institution at BA level according to your attitude and future career is most important.

Distinguished Facilities

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