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IELTS aspirants have good news, according to the British Council.

A national newspaper has stated that the novel feature, appropriately called “One Skill Retake,” allows applicants to retake any one of the IELTS test’s sections—speaking, writing, hearing, or reading—while maintaining the section’s well-known structure and time.


According to Andrew Mackenzie, the British Council’s Director of IELTS, this idea originated from the company’s dedication to its clients. He said they knew their test-takers could do their best on exam day if they had enough practice and encouragement. In order to promote justice, he said, “One Skill Retake” allowed candidates to retake a particular skill if they felt their first performance didn’t fairly represent their English competence.

Additionally, companies that accept IELTS scores and offer the “One Skill Retake” option might give applicants the freedom to fulfil admission criteria while upholding strict standards. This programme demonstrates how committed the IELTS partners are to helping test-takers reach their greatest potential.

As the only significant high-stakes test provider in Pakistan to provide this exclusive option, Maarya Rehman, Deputy Director of the British Council in Pakistan, stressed the organisation’s dedication to enabling IELTS test takers.

Those who choose to retake a test just once will obtain a second Test Report Form that may be used for academic and migration purposes. Candidates may select to retest a skill using either their original or updated test report, based on their results. With this tool, candidates have more freedom and control over the results of their exam, and it may be scheduled within 60 days following the first IELTS test.

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